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Site Overview:

================================================== På svenska (in Swedish):

NSDL: Nya Samarbetsformer i det Digitala Lärandelandskapet:

NSDL på YouTube:

Framtidens Bibliotek (Modelleringsövningar på KTHB våren 2014):

Matteplåster och Didaktiska Flaskhalsinterventioner:

Bengt Ulin om Musik:

======================== English below:

Asynchronous Public Service:

CHARGE (Cultural Heritage Asynchronous Research Grid Environment):

MATCH (MAthematical Transformations for Cultural Heritage):


Modeling and Mapping:


Modeling: An interview with “modeling guru” David Hestenes (August 2014):


Provocative Modeling:

Feeding the Greed:

Large Bureaucracies – How they really work:

Penetrating the Glass Ceiling – Why Women Can’t Do It:

Permission to Steal – Revealing the Roots of Corporate Scandal:

The Corporation – The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power:

The Stock Market – How it really works:

Gender Transformations – Modeling Differences and Similarities between Gender Types:


Systems Modeling:

Global Climate Change:

Shifting the Burden:

Shifting the Burden to Science and Technology:

Theory U:

Militarism – Terrorism:

Tragedy of the Commons:

Personnel Performance Problems:


Political Modeling:

A Reorientation of Democracy – From the present “Opinionocracy” towards a future “Visionocracy”:

Sveriges Afrikanska Krig:

Swedish Migration Policy:

The Small-Mart Revolution – How Local Businesses are Beating the Global Competition:


Learning Modeling:

The Learning Organization:

The Learn-Err Model:

The Wheel of Learning:

The Learner Cockpit:


Knowledge Negotiations:

Disagreement Management:



Math Rehab:

Mathematics is Representation:

What does it feel like to do Mathematics? :

What is the difference between Mathematics and Science? :

The historical struggle to get rid of meaning:

The Difficultification Industry:

Exploring and Explaining:

Mathematical Concepts:

MathRehab’s YouTube Channel:


First-Class Mathematics:

Expandable Learning Objects (“Kortslutande” Lärobjekt):

Mathematical Hikes:

Math Makers and Math Fakers:

Matteplåster och Didaktiska Flaskhalsinterventioner:



Representation and Reconstruction of Numbers:

Numbers and their Digits in different Bases:

Shift of Base for Numbers:

Shift of Basis (in general):



Solfege – An Abstract Key System:

Instantiations of Solfege in different Keys:

Pythagorean Intervals:

The Logarithmic Piano:

Abstract and Concrete Quint Circles:

Interactions of Quarts and Quints:

Transposition = Shift of Basis in Music:

Chord Ladder:

Chord-Set Inclusion-Graph:

Generating the Circle of Quints from the Mathematical Cogwheels:

Uniformisation of Intervals: Equally Tempered Scales:

Atonal Music:

Bengt Ulin om Musik:




Oscar Reutersvärd:

M. C. Escher:


Conformal Face Mapping:


Expandable Stories:

Discourse Algebra / Stories:


The Linear War between the planets Vectoria and Vectoria’ :

Einstein for Flatlanders:

Einstein for Linelanders:


Expandable Learning Objects:


Interactive Learning Objects:

Arithmetical Crossfire:

Experiment here:

Arrow Board:

Experiment here:
(not yet available)

Mathematical Cogwheels:

Experiment here:

Numbers and their Digits in different Bases:

Experiment here:

Primes Factory:

Experiment here:



Some basic algebraic concepts:


Linear Algebra:


Representation and Reconstruction of Vectors:

Shift of Basis for a Vector Space:

Linear Transformations:

A Linear Space Probe:

The Rank-Nullity Theorem of Linear Algebra:

Shift of Basis for Linear Transformations:

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Linear Transformation from a VectorSpace to itself:

Diagonalization of Quadratic Forms (= Finding the Symmetry Axes of the corresponding Quadric Surface):

Singular Values Decomposition:

The Least Squares Method:

The Pseudoinverse:

The Linear War between the planets Vectoria and Vectoria’ :


Geometric Algebra:

Geometric Numbers:

Complex Numbers:


Complex Trigonometry:


The Evolution of Geometric Arithmetic:


Clifford Algebra:

Combinatorial Clifford Algebra:


Matrix Algebra:

Matrices and Gaussian Elimination:

Solution of m equations in n unknowns:


Business Algebra:

The Universal Production Process:

Injecting Learning Loops:

User Modeling:

Customer Modeling:

Experience Transfer:

Product Readiness:

The EE( S+O+C )( M+O+P ) Model:

The Ericsson AXE-10 Delay:

Corporate Training Process:

Innovation Hubs:

The TELL ME Innovation Cycle:

Ethical E-Commerce:


Knowledge Algebra:

The Universal Knowledge Evolution Process:

Knowlecular Informatics:

Knowledge Tentacles:

Activities and Participators:


Social Algebra:

Socially Responsible Algebra:




Calculus of One Real Variable:

Basic Properties of Functions:

Differentiation and Affine Approximation in One Real Variable:

The Chain Rule (in One Real Variable):

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (in One Real Variable):

Taylor Expansion (in One Variable):

Fourier Series (in One Variable):

Integration (in One Variable):


Calculus of Several Real Variables:

Differentiation and Affine Approximation (in Several Real Variables):

The Chain Rule (in Several Real Variables):

Directional Derivatives:

Gradients (of “flying-carpet-like surfaces” z = f(x, y), “level-surfaces” g(z, y, z) = const. , and “parametrised surfaces” ( x(u, v), y(u, v), z(u, v) ):

Taylor Expansion (of “flying-carpet-like surfaces” z = f(x, y) of Several Real Variables):

Integration (of “flying-carpet-like surfaces” of Several Real Variables):

Substitution of Integration Variables in Integrals (of Several Real Variables):

Exact Differential Forms:


Calculus of One Complex Variable:

Conformal Mapping:


Steiner Circles (and the Circle of Appolonius):

Möbius Transformations:

Stereographic Projection:

The Mercator Projection:


Social Calculus:

The TELL ME Innovation Cycle:


Category Theory:

A Categorical Manifesto:

Categorical Informatics:

Functor Categories:

Limits and Colimits:

Category of Bundles over a Base Space:

Naturally Related Functors and Processes:

Adjoint Functors:

Institution Theory:

The Human Category:

Algebraic Thought:




Metric Geometry:


Affine Geometry:


Projective Geometry:

Projective Metrics:

The Euclidean Degeneration:


Euclidean Geometry:

Geometric Optics:


Triangles (and the nine-point Circle):


Plane Curves:

Conics = Conic Sections:




Cycloids and Trochoids:

Evolutes and Involutes:

Parallel Curves:

Inverse Curves:

Pedal Curves:




Quadric Surfaces:

Confocal Quadrics:

Canal Surfaces:

Dupin Cyclides:

Developable Surfaces:

Generalized Cylinders:

Focal Surfaces:

Isometric Deformations:


Hyperbolic Geometry:

The Beltrami-Klein Model and the Poincaré Model:


Elliptic Geometry:


Differential Geometry:

Geodesic Curves:

The Weingarten Map:


Mathematical Concepts:


Disambiguating “plus”:


Basic Properties of Functions:



The Expansion of Time into a Laurent Series of Moments:


Shannon Entropy:

Historic Entropy (= Bayesian Entropy):



The Economic Partial Process:

Promethean Technologies:


KMR projects 2000 – 2016:


International KMR projects:

WGLN (Wallenberg Global Learning Network):


European KMR Projects:

TELL ME (Technology Enhanced Learning Livinglabs for Manufacturing Environments):

TEL-Map (Future-gazing for Technology Enhanced Learning):

ROLE (Responsive Open Learning Environments):

H-net (Hematology network for Europe):

Organic Edunet (Multilingual Semantic Network for Learning Organic Farming in Europe):

LUISA ( Learning Content Management System Using Innovative Semantic Web Services Architecture ):

PROLEARN ( EU/IST/FP6 Network of Excellence for PROfessional LEARNing ):


Potential Projects:

Norm-Critical Innovation:

Artificial Ethics:



Conzilla – The KMR Concept Browser:


Confolio – The KMR Electronic Porfolio:


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